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Ritratto Di Garibaldi 1884
Giubba Garibaldina da Ufficiale appartenuta a Giuseppe Nodari
Martiri Di Belfiore, M. Moretti, Foggia 1905

The Resurgence Museum in Mantova was inaugurated on the 3 March 1903 for the 50th anniversary of the martyrs of Belfiore. In 1975 during the original resurgence, a second nucleus related to the history of resistance was added to the Museum; for this occasion, the Museum was dedicated to the historian Renato Giusti and took the name “Museo Civico del Risorgimento e della Resistenza”. At the end of the 1980s it was closed to the public due to reorganization, but work was stopped because the Provincial Museum property was revoked.

In 2005 the Resurgence Museum was formally attached to the City Museum collection. It periodically organizes themed exhibits allowing the public to better understand its resurgence materials. In addition, the Resurgence Museum is waiting for the Amministrazione Comunale to identify a more opportune place to house the Sezione Risorgimentale, a planned completion to the Museum. The resurgence collection is composed of thousands of pieces: uniforms, equipment, accessories, arms, ammunition, badges, money, medals, decorations, relics, prints, paintings, drawings and sculptures.The works are currently available to consult using paper cards and information present at the City Museum’s Documentation Center. The collections are part of research, study and restoration projects where needed.