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Pisanello, coin depicting Gianfrancesco Gonzaga mounted, s.d.
Pisanello, coin depicting Ludovico II Gonzaga, s.d.
Mantova artist, first half of XV century,

The collection is divided into two sections comprising coins and weights and measures used in Mantua and its surrounding area at the time of the Gonzaga.

The coin section is made up of 250 pieces issued by the Mantuan mint. These date from the 13th to the 18th centuries and are ordered chronologically; there are also 60 coins struck by minor mints (16th-17th centuries).

Of particularly high quality are the pieces made by some of the most famous medallists that worked at the court, such as Pisanello, Bartolomeo Melioli, Gian Cristoforo Romano and Sperandio Savelli.

Also on display are dies, punches and seals that illustrate how coins and medals were minted in Mantua.

One section is entirely devoted to the measuring systems (lengths and capacity) used in the historic State of Mantua.

It includes a sample unit for roof tiles, one for bricks, six amphora-shaped sample units, six measures of capacity for dry goods (cereals), units for liquids and 2 measures for lengths.

The objects, cast using the lost wax bronze process and finely decorated on the outside, were made in 1554 by Francesco Galvagni Massaro.Next to these is an even older bronze bushel, dated 1416.

There is detailed information on the section in both Italian and English.