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Room of the Horses and Chamber of Cupid and Psyche. Restoration of the non-frescoed walls

Chamber of the Sun and the Moon, before and after the restorations
Chamber of the Sun and the Moon, before and after the restorations
Chamber of Devices, before and after the restorations
Corridor, before and after the restorations

Work finished in Room of the Horses, in progress in Cupid and Psyche Work carried out by restoration company: Carena & Regazzoni, Cremona
Cost: € 13,000.00 - Financing: Municipal Administration

Type of work
In the two rooms, below the painted areas and reaching a height of about three metres and running across the entire length of the walls, from 9 to 12 metres, is a neutral plaster made with a fine-grained mortar with a well-smoothed, already coloured paste covered in a matching wash. Due to the constant flow of visitors the plastering has deteriorated in parts over time with localized cracking and chipping, the latter especially at the corners, scratches, abrasions, minor interior detachment, and, as a result the deposit of particulate and greasy dirt, as well as some lack of uniformity in the colour.

The work involved light cleaning of the surface with surfactant, consolidation of surface cracks and gaps, grouting of cracks and fissures in the plaster and reestablishment of a uniform colour in the plaster by application of a wash and plugging. (C.P.)